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Purpose and Mission

The association '' sees itself as an information and contact point for those affected and their relatives. The association accompanies and supports those affected in coping with the disease and in their decision-making processes. In discussion groups and through information events with specialist lectures, promotes understanding of the disease.

Patient Support through Fears - Difficult decisions – Uncertainty

A diagnosis of cancer can change your life overnight.
Sufferers are often bombarded with complex information about diagnosis and treatment. In many cases they have never heard of lymphoma before. In the shock reaction, it can sometimes be difficult for those affected to understand and process all the information and terms.
At we see our core task in accompanying people who turn to us for information, and / or to share their experiences with those who are equally affected.

Support Groups

Our support groups offer the opportunity to discuss the disease actively and constructively and to better understand the experiences with the disease in joint discussions. Mutual support and the exchange of experiences in a protected and trusting environment can help to better cope with the impairment of health and the associated emotional stress. - Support groups Further information

Do you have lymphoma?

Is there still no contact person in your region in connection with your illness and are you looking for contact?
Would you like to talk to people who are equally affected and share your experiences with the disease?

If you would like to experience the help that a support group can offer you, we would like to invite you to join one of our next group meetings.

Our support groups offer you opportunities for:

• an exchange of information and experience among those equally affected
• mutual support
• the exchange of disease-specific knowledge and experience
• an active and constructive discussion of the disease
• mutual encouragement and sympathy
Since the individual need for exchange among people who are equally affected is not always the same, the number of group participants is constantly changing.

Contact persons leading the support groups are available for information here. Scroll down the webpage and find the city near where you live.

Or you can contact tchrrnlymphmch for help finding a support group near you.

One brochure available in English can be found here.